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Breathe easy with home remedies

Home remedies for Asthma

december 31st, 2015

With increasing pollutants and irritants in the air breathing ailments are becoming a huge concern. Asthma is one common ailment faced by many today. Medications for the same have changed over years and today very effective medicines are available. Yet what cause concern now are the side effects that follow each medicine. Although serious levels of asthma can be complicated and in need of attention from doctors, initial levels of asthma attack can be reduced.

Asthma attack might begin with presence of any irritants in the air. Although this has been proven to be the most common cause, today`s lifestyle effects such as stress, hormonal fluctuations and anger can also be reasons that trigger an attack. Difficulty in breathing occurs as the breathing tubes go into spasms causing the release of histamine and other chemicals that trigger inflammation and production of mucus blocking the airway.

Severe attacks require immediate medical attention. Yet in beginning stages one can always take some measures that can keep your lung healthy. Indian medicines involving simple kitchen ingredients are available for cure. Here are a few natural remedies you can try in order to bring down having asthma attacks too often.

1. Turmeric- The yellow powder used in Indian cuisine often has anti-inflammatory properties. It can control the release of hormones that cause inflammation during the attack. Make it a habit to consume a cup of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric twice a day regularly.

2. Primrose oil – The oil contains rich essential fatty acid named GLA which can be converted by your body into anti inflammatory substances. Consuming this oil in the form of capsules is preferred.

3. You can also take food which is rich in anti-oxidants. You can also look for supplements that are rich in anti-oxidants for anti-inflammatory effect.

4. Omega – 3 fatty acids – These acids are found in abundance in tuna and salmon fish. Consuming sea food is a healthy habit as it is rich in many other nutrients in general. Particularly these are said to be effective in avoiding inflammation by stopping the bodies causing them.

5. Magnesium- Consuming foods which are rich in magnesium are said to work best for avoiding inflammation. Magnesium has the property of relaxing and soothing muscles which are up your respiratory track and are said to work well in fighting asthma attacks.

6. Eliminate dairy products from being a part of your diet until the attacks have subsided considerably. You can include them in small quantities once after you get through the phase where you are very prone to getting attacks.

7. Change your diet plan and include organic food as much as possible. Avoid consumption of processed food items as there are artificial food additives, sweeteners and flavorings which need to be avoided.

8. Increase consumption of citrus fruits as they are rich in vitamin C. You can also opt for Vitamin C pills as this will improve overall immunity and health.

9. Include spices such as cinnamon, pepper, ginger, cloves etc in order to clear any nasal congestion. Make a soup and add these spices to enjoy rich taste and healthy benefits.

Making small changes to your surroundings can also help. Enjoy vacation in clean air and less polluted places. Stop smoking for your good. Also if you are affected by stress then it is time you start self analyzing and figuring out a way to distress yourself. Practice yoga and other breathing exercises regularly in order to keep your respiratory track clean. Walk your way into a healthy lifestyle.

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