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How just about anyone can write a Tbook? image

How just about anyone can write a Tbook?

Explore the web from one page - Read | Watch | Listen. Explore more. & more. Organize to Publish.


Why do we think YOU can write a Tbook ?


Because its darn easy and fun !

Lets face it , write anything isn't fun  . But yeah sharing what we know about and being heard , are one of the best things in the world and we would love to hear you out !

Writing a Tbook isn't the hardest thing in the world . All you have to do is choose a nice topic which you have a general idea about , google it up , gather the content and TA-DA  ! You just wrote a T-book .

Writing a T-book has a million perks apart from you being famous on the internet and it's the easiest and enjoyable to do 


Because you qualify all the basic requirements to be a  Tbook writer!

Being a reputed organisation , we do have some basic requirements for the job . But we are pretty sure that someone as cool as you has them all . The requirements are -

1) You have to be a curious human being .(Well , you're reading this so you're qualified already )

2) You must be signed up for a free Thirstt account . (We need to know who you are, so we can spread the word)

3) We need your learning skills because writing always comes after learning . (Well , aren't you learning as you read)

4) You need to be grammatically aware . We don't expect you to be Shakespeare, but you have be better than Francesca!

Varun  Sir , can't seem to find a replacement for this . (Resolution problem ) But This is hilarious ! 

Well that sums it up ! So these are probably the most important you need to possess to be a writer at Thirstt .


Because we make it much easier for you !

We at Thirstt have to make sure that you are truly comfortable while you're writing a T-book . Since we can't provide you a soda or a better sofa , we try to make it much easier to write . So we have some amazing geeks create an excessively simple interface for you to write a T-book . You don't even have to open google on the next tab . 

It's as simple as filling a form !

We make sure you don't go through the hassle of figuring out chapters and organisation . So now all you have to do is fill in the blanks !


Because we want your name to live forever .(or atleast till the internet exists!)

We at Thirstt believe that every person is exceptional and knows something that is truly worth sharing . We provide people the platform to share , interact and be a part of something larger than life . Every time you write a Tbook you contribute to the world . Who knows someday you Tbook on 'Swimming' can save a life or your Tbook on  'Poverty on Africa ' help a generation realize the need to help them out . Well least of all , you surely will be helping millions of web surfers , researchers and students by refining what they truly want from the internet . 

Even if no one in the world wants to hear you out  . We want to hear you out , we want to be your voice . 


Because you have that spark that the world truly needs !

si We all have that one interest or hobby which allows us to feel different . We want you to help share that to the world . You can teach so many and so much need you right now to tell them now . Thirstt needs you , the world needs you to 

                    Thirstt needs you , the world needs you to shine !

The amazing  webbox feature !


What is this?

The webbox is an integeral part of the user writing  interface .  It helps you to add all kinds of stuff that you need to push to your Tbook to the level of awesomeness !

Well here's what it looks like -

To feed the greed , we bring you all you need !

Now , it's not just some edit box or some search box  .

                                      IT'S THE WEB BOX!

It's got the entire web in it ! yup , you can find anything you need to make up the article . Lets go through how most of the kids in schools and colleges write an article-

Lets go through how most of the kids in schools and colleges write an article-

1) Open google,bing ,baidu  etc and search for what you want .

2) Copy-Paste what you need into your text editor.

3) Again search for different images and stuff relevent to the topic

4) Repeat steps 1 to 4 .

At , this is what you do -

1) Type what you want in the webox . Clip the article , video or image you need . 

2) Just do that till your Tbook is done with !

Well that's how amazing the web box is . 


Why do you need the web- box

In order to write a book our great grandfathers used to travel hundreds of places just to gain some knowledge related to their subject . Our parents would have read hundreds of books before they could write an essay on the topic . And here you are clicking every article available on the internet just trying to read the right thing . 

Well , if getting the right to read is so damn hard then just imagine how damn hard will it be to write one !

The entire internet  is on the  web-box !  And the web-box bows down to what you wish to see !

Well , the web-box makes it much simpler for you . You don't need to hit add the New Tab button . Search from across the internet through all the stuff and choose what you need . Not just articles and blogs but also videos, photos, audios and even tweets ! You are a genius and we value your efforts and time therefore , we make it as simple s it can be for you to get the recognition you truly deserve !


Preview and Clip !

Imagine walking into a store and buying a perfume . But you are not allowed to open the bottle and smell it . It may see impossible . Similarly , Thirstt allows you to preview each article , media and tweet before you actually select them . Well , let me make it more easier for you . Thirstt even allows you to paste only the best part of articles because we know you do not want to add hundreds of lines completely irrelevant to the subject ! Like his one below , I clipped the part of the biography of Mahatma Gandhi which tells us about the turning point in his life which led him to developing the concept of Satyagraha !

In the famous Salt March of April-May 1930, thousands of Indians followed Gandhi from Ahmadabad to the Arabian Sea. The march resulted in the arrest of nearly 60,000 people, including Gandhi himself. Gandhi was appalled by the discrimination he experienced as an Indian immigrant in South Africa. When a European magistrate in Durban asked him to take off his turban, he refused and left the courtroom. On a train voyage to Pretoria, he was thrown out of a first-class railway compartment and beaten up by a white stagecoach driver after refusing to give up his seat for a European passenger. That train journey served as a turning point for Gandhi, and he soon began developing and teaching the concept of satyagraha ("truth and firmness"), or passive resistance, as a way of non-cooperation with authorities.


Add all the amazing stuff !

Once you have selected the things for your Tbook , you can preview or add media such as images , videos and audio regarding the subject . 

You get the comfort of viewing the video you have inserted live and you can even preview the videos before actually inserting them . We trust you in choosing the best of the internet four Tbook . After all your Tbook defines you !

I completely believe that anything not previewed , can be dangerous especially to your repute . 

How to write a T-book (Step-wise)


Log in and sign-up for a thirstt account

Signing up is simple and only take a couple of minutes . And once you are done Welcome to the world of awesome-ness .

The login page


Creating your first amazing Tbook !

Now , once you have signed in . You can simply create a Tbook by clicking on the 'Pencil taking Notes' on the left side of your screen . Yup , just below the search button .  You will have the following interface .


Enter the name of your T-book

Let your Tbook define you ! Choose a great name for your Tbook that defines the content your adding .  

Make your the name is somehow related to the topic .  A confused reader is the last thing you would want .


Choosing a sub-title .

What if tommorow you're Tbook becomes a huge hit . Well one things for sure , every big brand needs a tag-line ! 

Add a subtitle to the book . 

Sub-titles make it easier to define the name of your T-book


Choose a topic so we can make it much easier to find the Tbook!

Now let move down on the topics .
As you type you will find a drop down menu suggesting relevent topics . Choose the topic under which you wish your T-book to be classified . 

We don't want your masterpiece to be lost in the a bundle of other T-books!


Add a beautiful cover to your Tbook

Well , unfortunately a lot of people out there do judge a book by its cover . So make sure you use a wonderful image .

Click on the 'Add cover' icon on the right and browse your computer for an amazing cover that relates to your Tbook . Once you're done wait for the magic 

Well , select and wait for the magic to happen !

After you have selected the image it will spread through the header and give you a splendid design to right under .


Write the name of your first chapter

NOTE -Before we move forward , we know how precious your data is and that why we won't let you lose it . The page keeps saving all your data every time you make changes . So you don't have to worry about losing anything .

Well , now that your done with the headers , lets get right to the important stuff.

Write the name of the first chapter and make sure you do have the organisation of your Tbook in mind so that your readers don't get lost or confused .
For eg - if I want to write about a group of tech-genius's , So I named the first chapter the name of the first genius 'Steve Jobs' . 

Thereafter i added a sub-chapter 'Until he founded Apple '.


The better you organize your Tbook , the better the reader will understand it .


Now lets get started writing

You can clip the information from any article  using the web-box which you find more understandable or you can write the text yourself . Its all upto you .

Its not only fun but easy as well .

You can copy-paste we don't have anything against it till you mention the sources .


Adding some extra information

Now lets say you need to add some extra information like an image or video or a link . As you move your cursor below the text you will find an ADD icon . You can add more Chapters , Sub-chapters and a lot of extra's .

Now lets say you need to add some extra information like an image or video or a link . As you move your cursor below the text you will find an ADD icon . 

Clicking on the icon will open a dropdown menu

Clicking on the add icon
Select what you wish to add . For example - text
As you type , we make it easier by providing you with options directly versed from google
Hit Enter and you will have your search results . Choose from the tabs above what you wish to add whether music, videos , images etc. and click on 'Add'. 
You can add an image by selecting any of them and hitting the add button
You can even add tweets just to prove how updated and cool your topic is !
You can also add text from the search . This is how it will appear . 


To delete a paragraph or object

It okay to make mistakes after all that's what makes us different .

To delete a chapter , move your cursor to the right of the line where it ends and you click on the 'thrash can' icon . Your object will vanish like phosphorous in air .

You don't have to waste time and hit the backspace button just two clicks and your clear to go 


To apply font formatting

We made basic font formatting so easy that we're afraid you might uninstall MS Word  .

 Ofcourse , there must be certain words that you wish to highlight or centain links which you wish to hyperlink . So all you have to do is select the text . Yup , thats it . A box with formatting tools will appear above the text . Choose what you wish to apply . You can hightlight an entire line like i have done above this paragraph by selecting the semi-colons .

NOTE - You can also use your keyboard shortcuts to format you font .

It just can't be easier than this , can it ?


Once , you're completed

Now that you have completed your excellent piece of work and click on the publish button .

Congratulations ! You have proved yourself as extraordinary writer  and asset to us and the internet .

Keep up the great work !Think about All Those Things you could write??

Think about All Those Things you could write?? TPossibilities are endless..

Lets get started. The world is Thirstt-y for your amazing work !

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