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Make My Wish Come True

Fiona Harper

Published in Book Reviews
january 1st, 2016

Christmas is a celebration of wishes coming true and that’s what Fiona Harper a dreamy romantic and book lover from childhood finally found her forte by writing chick flicks and other books all around her favorite time of the year, winter and Christmases. A Mills and Boons writer, with over 17 books under her name and few awards as well dives into another book of relationships and resolutions this time.

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'Make My Wish Come True' is a enlightening book which deals with the lives of two sisters Juliet and Gemma who are nothing but opposites in all aspects. Juliet the elder sister is a responsible adult with a failed marriage and four kids in a big house while Gemma is the wild and 'free willed' younger sister who is an assistant director moving in the upper circles of Hollywood.

It had always been a competition of who was better and how the other was at fault for ruining everything. Childhood rivalries to grown up tiring 'talks' that never seems to help solve their bitterness to each other.

Christmas is a holiday season like no other. From beautiful decorations to family reunions, it's all about love and joy and presents obviously! So when they swap their holiday plans chaos is what ensues!

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Gemma has no clue of what the kids eat or what is their curfew while Juliet is on an all expense paid holiday yet cannot calm down. Add to that Will, a good looking neighbor who has mixed feelings for both the sisters and a charming Italian gentleman in the resort both the sisters have their fair share of love life drama.

Things are going awful from the start. And get worse! The yearly perfect Christmas celebrations are going not so perfect when the turkeys are out of stock or when they have to do some last day shopping for decorations and gifts. A whole ordeal of losing a drunken niece on Christmas Eve and falling for the neighbor who she first hated, Gemma cannot seem to manage the stress at all.

Juliet on the other hand though on vacation, finally decides to let go of the past and her stress only to actually begin to like a random stranger who is the epitome of romance and exactly what she wants turns is not really the right one for her. Boat rides and dinners and losing her grandmothers engagement ring is all it takes for her to return back to where she belongs.

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Lessons learnt and ready to forgive Gemma, Juliet witnesses another of her likes being taken away by her sister. Will. But Gemma too had realized her fault of all these years and she was willing to sacrifice Will but being caught by Juliet made matters worse.

A proper conversation overdue from all the past is done involving tears and revelations. Mistakes are accepted and forgiveness is spread all around. New lives were merging and old haunting pasts were disappearing behind this Christmas

Juliet and Gemma finally reunited and every Christmas now was better than perfect. A sweet and enticing story of how sometimes people learn lessons at unexpected places.

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