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What is Thirstt?

Thirstt helps you learn and build yourself around your interests - One ThirsttBook at a Time.

Are you wondering what all the hype is about ? Are you wondering what is Thirst? Welcome to the evolution of reading , writing and learning . Thirstt is a platform which allows smart readers like you to interact, read, write and learn amazing things! It contains a world of Tbooks, which are online books containing images, texts, videos and even tweets regarding the subject of your interests. It's the best of the web waiting for you to be read! Thirstt gives you the next generation reading experience. Thirstt helps you to build yourself around your interests. Make a fort of knowledge and surround yourself with it. Be the smartest person in the room! Ditch the old readers and the garbage of books over the internet if you want to learn. It's time for you to evolve. Its time for you to Thirstt!

Curate, Read and Interact


Curating at Thirstt

You can imagine Thirstt as a museum, an exhibition or an encyclopedia of existing information. And you are its greatest curator You are what Thirstt is ... its maker.. its collector .. its great curator!

Curating is a hard thing to do. First pick up a pen and a paper . Then search through books and copy down what you need. If you can't find it in the book. It surely exists on the internet. Then copy it down from there after searching for hours . Thereafter, keep collecting all the information you need, compile it and reorganize it. Finally, if you haven't fainted with all the work you have done, you can publish it.

                                 Phew, just typing that made me exhausted!

Curating at Thirstt is so damn easy and fun that it will literary blow your mind.

You can imagine Thirstt as a museum, an exhibition  or an encyclopedia of existing information, . And you are its greatest curator  You are what Thirstt is ... its maker , its collector .. its great curator!


Reading at Thirstt

You don't just read at Thirstt! You feel it! You learn it! You earn it!

Our ancestors used to travel through different cities, read hundreds of books and meet hundred of those wise-old-men to obtain the knowledge they needed.

But this is the new age and we have the world of knowledge to us at the click of a button. But finding the right things brings us back to the primitive lifestyle. It's all the same. First we used to read hundreds of books in the real world and now we're reading hundreds of blogs, articles and eBooks trying to figure things out.

So the next time you have a scary-nightmare-causing-mind-numbing-project just hit the search button and find all you need at Thirstt . 

With a single page scroll, you don't even have to click on the next button.

Thirstt allows users to read and feel the books. Thirstt allows you to stream the videos as you read. You can't even imagine how fun reading at Thirstt can actually be! Not only do we give you all the information you need, We let you interact with people. Connect with people who have the same interests as you. Connect with real knowledge. And this brings us to the next topic.


Interaction at Thirstt

Thirstt allows readers and writers to interact with people of similar interests and habits. It not only allows you to read and write Tbooks but also discuss with your fellow readers and even suggest edits to the writer.

Thirstt is a treasure of knowledge and it increases every time you interact with someone as knowledgeable as you.

So , discussions and interactions always prove futile.


Who Thirstt is for?


Like to Learn Things? .. Great! Thirstt is your library

 Thirstt lets you learn in the most entertaining of ways using the best of the web available. It evolves you into being better than you are. Because you don't deserve the good, you deserve the best.


Like to Share Knowledge? .. Great! Thirstt is your podium

Thirstt helps you raise your voice, share your thoughts and express yourself to the world.  We give you the platform to tell the world what you truly believe!

   Thirstt helps you raise your voice, share your thoughts and express yourself to the world. We give you the platform to tell the world what you truly believe!

Everyone in this world grows up with a talent and skill. Even if he/she is not the best at it, He still has something worth telling others. With Thirstt, you can share what you think you really know about. Stand up for what you believe and feel the beauty of being a resource of knowledge to the world and you can always learn something here worth knowing.

Thirstt is your stage to the world . Show the world what you are truly worth ! is your stage to the world . Show the world what you are truly worth !

Like to be part of the Community that builds? .. Great! Thirstt is your home.

Everyone wants to be a part of something big or help build something that lives after them. So someday, when they look back at life they can at least find something they have contributed to the world. 

         The truth is people always leave, but real knowledge always stays.

We want to make the internet an easier place to be at. The clutter of the internet is growing day by day and in a few years it will become impossible to find what we really need. Thirstt is the initiative to sort the mess and organize the information at a single place. Contribute to Thirstt with your knowledge and make the internet a better place all over again .  

Thirstt awaits you, the world awaits you. Ignite the spark of knowledge within you and enlighten the world with it!
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