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Why is Thirstt a reader's haven? image

Why is Thirstt a reader's haven?

Go to google. Search X. Open 10s of tabs. Keep switching. Get nowhere! NO.. Come to

Thirstt is one of the best experience for online readers. Not just because you can get cool stuff to read here but because we bring the best of the web out for you. Well, look at you .. Don't you think someone as amazing as you deserves the best as well! 

Why thirstt?


Because you don't just read a thirstt book , you watch , listen and learn them

We at Thirstt believe in the popular notion we remember 70% of what we see and hear , so we don't just want you read the plain old boring text , we want you to feel the text  you read , its like an entire encyclopedia of information waiting out here for you to read . You can stream a video about the topic and read the information in a single page . 


Because a Tbook isn't just a book, its a collection of the best of books!

In the age of the tab-browsing , we all experience the clutter of information you have to go through just to find what you really need . We know you deserve the best,  so we bring out the best of the web all together so you just don't have to go through millions of websites just to gather up what you really need . 

We dig the web , bring out the diamonds , cut them and then put together a beautiful necklace just for you . 

So now rather than opening a hundred websites , you find the best of them here . waiting for you . 

We bring them all together , just for you !


Tired of googling information , don't fret ,  we got all the websites you need !

According to polls , a least count of 5 tabs are opened atleast at a single time . Of course , we dont want to keep tabs on your tabs . But now we have reached an entirely new age where information should be delivered effectively and efficiently & we don't want you to be left behind . So we do the googling for you and give you the best you deserve . 

                                           Read what you really need!

-You get an assignment.
-You read numerous Wiki article about the topic.
-You Google all the alternate websites searching through the garbage of information to find what matters .
-You still have that scratch in head , you you stream all the videos related to the information .

-After around 20 open and closed tabs , hours of reading completely unrealted text and a headache , you finally are able to gather what you need .

- And Phew , its finally done . OR it just gets worse .


Our Amazing Features !


Single page reading !

The next button maybe a boon for a two page article and a slow internet collection . but just imagine hitting the next button on a 20 page article and waiting for it as every single page opens !

Well , it does take a while to load a 20 page article .

The world is rushing and we can't stop . Time is an expensive asset so we believe in single page scrolling . So while you page loads you can still read information and save hours clicking on that next button .


Read article from various websites in a single page!

Whats better than being able to access multiple websites at the same time . Yup , just so you don't have to tedious task of opening different websites we made it easier for you to access all the related information in a single page !

No need to switch or twitch , we brought it all to you !


Stream as you read!

Now , remember the rule from above , you don't just read , you watch and you hear too what you want to read . So a thirstt book allows you stream a video in the book itself .


Browse from anywhere!

Thirstt allows you to browse T-books from anywhere . So you can read it on a million devices including your tablets and phones . So you can read wherever you go! 

Just in case you get way too thirstt-y!


Save hours worth of browsing !

Time is extremely important in our life; it helps us structure our daily lives and activities, so that we can live more organized, productive lives.

Other than that , we all always have something important to do . So why waste the hours unneccessarily browsing while we can do something thats much time effecient . i.e Opening a T-book .


Thirstt Up/Down

Well , not everyone can be the best and not everyone can be the worst . Thirstt allow to thirstt up and thirstt down the books .

So you decide the best rated Tbooks of thirstt and help other readers know which Tbooks should be avoided . 


Thirstt-it and its bookmarked

We understand Tbooks can be hours long. So! its difficult for readers to read it in a go. But we don't want you to lose your book .

What you can do is you can 'thirstt-it' the tbook into one of your thirsttboards and it gets saved there for your access anytime in the future.


Take your notes

We don't let use lose your thoughts as well We know you are a very keen learner so you surely have to make notes for the topic of research .

We know you are a very keen learner so you surely have to make notes for the topic of research .

Don't fret , you can pin your notes against the Tbook as well . 



They say discussion is the growth of knowledge .

What kind of website would we be if we don't allow you the freedom of discussion .You can suggest edits to the writer or discuss with your fellow readers and reply to them as well .

Start a T-Talk against any para or section or link card. Its like asking a question or sharing an opinion. People can further express their opinions upon the Talk. 


So what are you waiting for , we got all you need , except you !

Congratulations , you have finally been convinced to why we think thirstt is awesome . We will see you on the other side !

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